How to Make Jujube Tea (Hot & Cold) and the Many Health Benefits of Jujubes!

jujube featured photo

What’s a Jujube? I’m not talking about those rubbery little candies we used to eat in the movies that could take a whole day to get out of your molars! These | readmore


A Delicious Vegan Passover: 9 Fabulous Recipes For a Super Seder

vegan apssover

Serving an all plant-based Passover dinner can be challenging but when you’ve got recipes like these, you know that the meal will be delicious, healthy and | readmore


11 Simple Recipes For Delicious “No-Oil” Vegan Meals

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There are many reasons to choose the path of veganism, such as saving the environment, the rainforests, the animals or your soul. Vegan American Princess sincerely | readmore


Cauliflower Steaks Topped with Savory Quinoa & Garnished with Caramelized Onions….plus Chilled Asparagus Soup to Start

cauliflower steaks

If you're on any sort of restricted diet, going to a dinner party at someone's home can be tricky---sometimes it can feel like an imposition on your host to explain | readmore


VAP Beauty Product Review: Pacifica, Zoya, Poo-Pourri, Hugo’s Naturals & Allafia

VAP Beauty Review

My love for trying out new beauty products goes back to my teen years when $5 could go a long way at the drugstore, while cruising the aisles looking at the new nail | readmore


Debby’s Vegan Fashion Finds For Spring 2014

Image 3-14-14 at 11.42 PM

For many people, the month of March represents the end of a long and dreary winter, the anticipation of spring, and new beginnings. For me, it's a time when I feel | readmore


5 Green Recipes: A Delicious & Healthy St. Patrick’s Day


If St. Patrick's Day is the only time you think about eating something green, I'm shuddering at that possibility! If you answered yes, then images of green bagels, | readmore


Enriched, Good-For-You “Tieman’s Fusion Coffee” & the Health Benefits in Your Coffee Cup


Coffee and me---why do I always feel so guilty about my very enjoyable relationship with Java Joe? The many recent reports of the benefits of drinking coffee have | readmore


Yummilicious “Skinny Bitch” Thai Coconut Soup Recipe

photo 1 copy

Whether you are an avid cookbook collector, a quickie online recipe-grabber or a naturally gifted home cook, there are cookbooks that seem to become your own | readmore


Breville’s One-Touch Tea Maker & My Favorite David’s Teas

Photo from Williams Sonoma

As a longtime lover of loose-leaf teas, I finally took the plunge and splurged on Breville's One-Touch Tea Maker. I've had my eye on this baby ever since I saw it on | readmore

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