Debby’s Vegan Fashion Finds For Spring 2014

For many people, the month of March represents the end of a long and dreary winter, the anticipation of spring, and new beginnings. For me, it’s a time when I feel rejuvenated and alive, and part of my yearly routine is cleaning out my closet and replenishing my wardrobe for the sunny months ahead. Lucky for you, I’m always on the lookout for great vegan fashion finds. This year, I’ve made some great purchases while spotting other treasures along the way. Let’s take a peek at some of my Spring fashion finds…

My Vegan Fashion Finds For Spring 2014:

While recently shopping in New York City, I spotted these adorable pinkish/blush-colored flats by Melissa’s Shoes. I’m not certain which store carried them, but I think it was Bloomingdale’s. They didn’t have my size, so I bought them on Melissa’s website. I’ve always been happy with my Melissa’s shoes, and these flats are no exception.

Melissa's Petal Shoes

Melissa’s Petal Shoes

As an avid bargain hunter, I really get lucky at Neiman Marcus Last Call. While recently shopping there, I spotted a nice selection of Melissa’s shoes and sandals which included these cute ones…

Although I didn’t purchase any shoes, I did buy this great white vegan leather jacket from the brand Raison D’Etre at Neiman’s Last Call. It also came in black, and I noticed that there were many other Raison D’Etre styles to choose from too! As a matter of fact, I’ve been spotting great pleather clothing items just about everywhere I shop making it clear to me that pleather is still a growing trend.

During my recent excursion to Neiman Last Call, I discovered that Neiman Marcus makes their own brand of non-leather handbags. I purchased this blue one…

Handbag from Neiman Marcus Last Call

And these non-leather clutches in a dark brown and metallic color. The clutch also came in black (and, I think, other colors too)…

Non-Leather Clutches from Neiman Last Call

Click here to check out the website of Neiman Marcus Last Call where you can purchase these items and find other great vegan products too.

finallogocopy1Since we’re talking about vegan fashion finds, I wanted to make sure that you knew about these amazing eco-friendly and vegan “Birkin” style bags by the brand The Underground Chic which I first spotted on the website Girlie Girl Army. They are made of transformed plastic bottles, come in a multitude of fabulous colors, and they’re super fun. Best of all, they won’t break the bank! This orange one is my favorite…

Ginny Orange Crush Eco-Friendly and Vegan "Birkin" Style Bag from The Underground Chic

Ginny Orange Crush Eco-Friendly and Vegan “Birkin” Style Bag from The Underground Chic

I’ve also been poking around Etsy. I’m loving the handmade recycled jewelry by Ahimsa Designs

Ahimsa Designs Handmade Recycled Jewelry

“It is my passionate belief that by living in a way that does no harm to any living things, we spread love and make this world better. Be positive, one person can make a difference! Instead of feeling hopelessness or despair, be the change you wish to see in the world!” 

~~ Kristen Anderson, Owner of Ahimsa Designs


I’m also loving this Vegan Wrap Bracelet by Luna Art Designs

Luna Art Designs Vegan Wrap Bracelet

And the Beaded Wrap Bracelets by Beso Del Corazon which are made with waxed cotton cord instead of leather, both found on Etsy

Vegan Calico Double Beaded Wrap Bracelet by Beso Del Corazon

Cri de Couer is one of my favorite brands of vegan footwear, and they just came out with a great line for Spring 2014. I’m feeling these Tai Stretch Sandals in Teal

Cri de Coeuer Spring 2014

Cri de Couer’s Tai Stretch Sandal (Teal) Spring 2014

Click here to check out all the new styles on Cri de Couer’s website.

Of course, don’t forget to customize your style and spirit with some amazing “one-of-a-kind” sneakers by CPF Designs.

Custom Sneakers by CPF Designs

Custom Sneakers by CPF Designs

These are just a few of the great vegan fashion items I’ve been spotting. As you can see, transitioning to a vegan wardrobe might not be as hard as you think. What are some of your great vegan fashion finds? I’d love to know!

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